Golden Recognition for Living Below the Line: Life as a Refugee in Lebanon

December 6, 2016


Global Health TV has been recognised with gold at the 2016 MarCom Awards for the film Living Below the Line: Life as a Refugee in Lebanon. It debuted in May at the first ever World Humanitarian Summit, organised by World Health Organization. Living Below the Line was one of 6,500 entries submitted to the MarCom Awards from across the globe and highlights the situation in Lebanon and the importance of joint collaboration between agencies to help those in need.

Executive Producer Cath Sheehan worked with World Vision and with a local crew to capture the reality for Syrians who escaped from conflict, and are now living in a Lebanese refugee camp.  World Vision is one of six aid agencies working together in the region as a part of the Lebanese Cash Consortium (LCC).  Providing refugees with financial assistance, the LCC enables them to identify and prioritize the issues most pressing to them and their family.

“There is no doubt that cash modality in the humanitarian response is one of the most efficient, effective, fast, innovative, creative and dignifying way to assist vulnerable population. The consortium along with ECHO (European Commission of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection) and DfID (Department for International Development) are trusting people with money and trusting that they know better what they need most,” said Patricia Mouamar, Communications Manager at World Vision International.

“Recipient of the cash assistance are optimizing the use of money, like Aida a Syrian mother I met in Lebanon, who managed to use the cash to pay the cab 20,000 LBP (13USD) and ran to the emergency room, when her seven year old child was in an urgent need of hospitalization when boiled water caused him severe skin burns,” said Patricia Mouamar.



Global Health TV is a platform to communicate the work of the global health community, sharing stories that advance knowledge and response to global health issues.

Lebanese Cash Consortium provides assistance that empowers refugees to make their own decisions with dignity.

World Vision International is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Visit for more information.

Please contact: Sally Nelson, Global Health TV,

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