Global Health Film on Refugee Struggle Continues to Gain Global Recognition

February 24, 2017

London, UK – Back in May 2016, Global Health TV travelled to the heart of ‘Tent City’ one of Lebanon’s most over populated refugee regions – The Bekaa Valley.  Working with World Vision, Global Health TV witnessed first-hand how the Lebanese Cash Consortium, a humanitarian aid coalition, provided financial assistance to Syrian refugees – empowering them to buy items fundamental to their survival, such as clean water, food, medicine and shelter.

Living Below the Line: Life as a Refugee in Lebanon is a Global Health TV film that shares the story of Hajar, a mother of four, who fled her home town of Al Kusayr (Syria) with her children, after her husband went missing during heavy shelling. ‘We were living in our own house, now we are living in a tent… our life here has its effects on the children, it reflects on their faces. It effects their health too’ she said. Hajar is one of the many recipients of the financial assistance provided by the Lebanese Cash Consortium, of which World Vision is a member of.

“There is no doubt that cash modality in the humanitarian response is one of the most efficient, effective, fast, innovative, creative and dignifying way to assist vulnerable population. The consortium along with ECHO (European Commission of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection) and DfID (Department for International Development) are trusting people with money and trusting that they know better what they need most,” said Patricia Mouamar, Communications Manager at World Vision International.

Since its debut at the first ever World Humanitarian Summit, organised by World Health Organization (May 2016), the film continues to gain recognition – awarded gold at the 2016 MarCom Awards and more recently receiving an honourable mention at the 2017 AVA Digital Awards.

Through raising the profile of this humanitarian issue, Living Below the Line: Life as a Refugee in Lebanon, highlights the importance of co-ordinated efforts, particularly between aid agencies to help those who need it the most. Now more than ever, this joint collaboration is needed to address the growing number of refugees, asylum-seekers and displaced people around the world which has now exceeded 65 million, according to The UN Refugee agency.

Watch the full story of Hajar and the situation in Lebanon below




Lebanese Cash Consortium provides assistance that empowers refugees to make their own decisions with dignity.

World Vision International is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Visit for more information.


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